25th Indy Ice Bowl This Weekend

This Sunday is the 25th annual Indy Ice Bowl.  This is the finale of our charity fundraiser series.  We will be playing 2 rounds at Brookside Park.  The forcast looks favorable with a high in the low 30’s.  Remember the Ice Bowl rules…

1.  We will not cancel the Ice Bowl due to weather conditions.

2. No Wimps and No Whiners!

3. Be there or be a wimp!

Individual Player Statistics Pages on IDGC.com

For those who might not have been aware of this, you can see all of your (or anyone else’s) individual tournament placings and full statistics by clicking on your name on a Tournament Results page.  So, for example, if you are looking at the results for a tournament and you click on Jim Trueblood, you can see all of the IDGC affiliated tournaments (including the Summer and Fall Series) he has been in since the beginning of 2012, where he placed, what his scores were, and a summary of his top 3 finishes by division.