Mohawk Match Play Tournament

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mohawk Disc Golf Compound

 Register by 8:30 am     Entry Fee is $12 per player

Current IDGC Members receive a $2 discount

The match play format takes longer to play than a standard stroke play format.  This is the reason for the early start time.

There are no divisions for this tournament.  It is a double elimination format.  Matches will be played on a 12 hole layout.  Players are randomly assigned a seeding on the bracket chart.  You will play a head-to-head match with the player assigned to your bracket.  You score by winning a hole outright.  Whichever player wins the most holes is the winner of the match.  Winners advance through the winners bracket and losers are assigned to the losers bracket.  After your second loss you are eliminated from the tournament.  The player that advances all the way through the losers bracket will play the player from the winners bracket for the match play championship.

There will also be a consolation round for the double losers (players that lose their first two matches).  Prizes will be awarded to the consolation round winner.

Note:  There will not be an assigned lunch period.  There will be time between your matches to rest and eat.  There may or may not be time to travel to eat so please bring food with you.  Players advancing deep into the tournament can expect to play up to 10 or 12 matches that day.  Please plan to be at the course until late afternoon or early evening.

Gary Rogers  317-446-7525 or


Indy Handicap Championship Tournament

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cash payout to top 1/3 of field.

You must establish a handicap by playing in the Wednesday Night Handicap League at least twice to be eligible for this event.

For more info contact Jerry Suiter @ 317-257-3924 or