…to Disc Golf and the Indianapolis Disc Golf Club.

The Indianapolis Disc Golf Club (IDGC) is an organization dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf in the Indianapolis area. Membership is open to anyone that is interested in disc golf and in serving their community. IDGC has partnered with Indy Parks since 1989, and has helped the parks department fund, install, and maintain the City’s disc golf courses at Washington Park, Brookside Park, Sahm Park and Northwestway Park. In addition the IDGC runs leagues throughout the year as well as numerous tournaments.

Disc golf is a sport for all ages and skill levels. The object is to throw a flying disc from a designated starting area (tees) into a target called a pole hole, in the fewest shots possible. It is free to play at the Indy Parks courses mentioned above. The IDGC and its members are available to run or assist with events for any group or organization that would like to try disc golf. For information on joining the IDGC, or to get help organizing a disc golf event contact Jerry Suiter at 317-257-3924 or indydiscgolf@comcast.net.

There are over 4,000 disc golf courses in the U.S. and every year more than 100 new courses are put in. If you would like to find out where the course nearest you is located, contact the Professional Disc Golf Association at 416-203-9628 or visit their web site at: www.pdga.com.